Fastest Depression Book in the world

“World’s Fastest Depression Book“

“The World’s Fastest Anti-Depression-Book”

Self-help for depression with “The world’s Fastest Anti-Depression-Book” – € 7,77 – Direct-Download E-Book 16 Pages. How to deal with Depression: in “The world’s Fastest Anti-Depression-Book”

This Book ist the first title in the New Series “Quick Guides for the Long Run”

What’s special in this Depression Book?

  • It’s a very short (16 p. incl. title) self-help book.
  • It’s working both with visualization (drawings) and motion
  • This book is written for people who really want to change
  • You may leave your path of regrets and self-punishing by activating yourself within 20 days
Johannes Faupel

Johannes Faupel, Systemic Therapist, Author

Who wrote this new Book against Depression?

Johannes Faupel, Systemic Therapist and Springer Author, is editing:

Quick guides for the long run.

That’s why I’m writing and illustrating these new books:

In my systemic practice, located in Frankfurt, Germany, I daily see impatient people with unrealistic demands on their lives. The smaller an intervention, the faster it works.

Therefore, the title “The World’s Fastest Anti-Depression-Book”

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